The 10 Best Beard Grooming Products for Any Face

The 10 Best Beard Grooming Products for Any Face

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Whether you wear a modest smattering of facial scruff or a big wooly beard, whether you have ultra-sensitive skin or a well-weathered hide, these 10 products will keep your face and follicles happy, healthy and looking damned fine.

1. Mr. Natty’s Face Forest Soap

For those who can’t decide whether to wash their beards with soap or shampoo, this product uses Shea butter, olive oil and a dash of spearmint for a gentle, refreshing cleansing that won’t dry out your beard. It also moisturizes the skin underneath to prevent irritation and dandruff. $20,

2. eShave White Tea Pre Shave Oil 

If you’ve never tried a pre-shave oil, you’ll love how it bypasses post-shave irritation by gliding the blade gently over your skin. This one is also available in scents of orange sandalwood, verbena lime, white tea and cucumber for sensitive skin. $21,

3. Taylor of Old Bond Street Organic Shaving Cream

The aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E of this shaving cream made from “95% natural raw materials” help soothe the shaving area. It also contains no chemicals or fragrance, so it works great for folks with sensitive noses and skin. $18,

4. Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment

Aftershave braces the skin and reduces irritation and bleeding, but most just burn like you’ve splashed vodka on your face. Anthony’s contains soothing willowherb and lavender and also helps remove dead skin, release ingrown hairs and remove any unsightly bumps left behind. $32,

5. CanYouHandlebar Wisdom Premium Beard Oil

Because beard follicles draw the body’s natural oils away from the skin, the skin underneath can easily dry and blister. Spare yourself the irritation with this blend of five different oils that leaves a subtle woodsy smell. It also comes with a dropper so you don’t over-apply it. $20,

6. David Mallett Beard Balm

Even super wiry beards can soften up with a bit of beard moisturizer. Mallett’s additive-free blend has a faint hint of bergamot and yuzu, and works great whether you leave it in or rinse it out; it also works better than wax for shorter beards. $27,

7. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Wax

While beard waxes allow you to sculpt your beard however you please, some can leave a white residue or a slick and oily feeling. Professor Fuzzworthy’s uses a leatherwood beeswax, allowing for a shiny appearance and strong hold without the greasiness. $15,

8. Zilberhaar’s Pocket Beard Brush

The boar’s hair bristles on this brush help evenly distribute your beard’s natural oils to keep it softer and cleaner. We prefer the travel size one for easy storage, but the larger one works nicely as well. Just don’t get them wet — that’ll warp the wood and weaken the bristles. $21,

9. Kent Men’s Handmade Comb 3-Set

The best part of having a killer beard (apart from being loved and envied by all) is being able to style it. These saw-cut, hand-polished combs feel great in your hand and have soft, rounded teeth that won’t damage your hair. $18,

10. Merkur Barber Pole 23C Six-Piece Wet Shaving Set

Whether you want to clean up or finally take it all off, this set comes with a shaving cream brush, a styptic pencil for stopping any bleeding, a pack of double-edged razors and even a stylish stand that resembles a barber’s pole. $140,


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