‘Beautiful’ Named Most Empowering Song of the Decade

‘Beautiful’ Named Most Empowering Song of the Decade

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“Don’t look at me.”

Christina Aguilera scored a rare win over Lady Gaga and Katy Perry when her take on the Linda Perry-penned Beautiful was named Most Empowering Song of the Decade by British advocacy group, Stonewall.

Born This Way took third, and Firework came in fifth. Depending on how you look at it, Christina either had a six year head start or she trounced the competition with absolutely zero promotion. But hey now, this is an empowering award, so let’s not throw stones.

Boyzone and Gossip took second and fourth with songs we’ve never heard of before. Eek!

Christina thanked us homos for the win; “I’m delighted to have been voted the most inspirational pop act by Stonewall’s supporters – my gay fan base is so important to me and this continues my special relationship with them.” Lovely.

Now seriously, don’t look at me.

Via Popdash

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