Here’s Why Gay Twitter Got Into a Heated Debate About Who This Straight Guy Is

Here’s Why Gay Twitter Got Into a Heated Debate About Who This Straight Guy Is

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Jakob Lake tweeted out a pic of a hot THOT sitting on a couch with the caption, “Gay culture is knowing who he is.” His tweet soon went viral, with much of Gay Twitter responding that they either didn’t know who he was, or were offended that Lake was making him more important than he actually is. When we first saw the pic, we knew we had seen him somewhere, but had forgotten exactly where. We then remembered, and realized we too have… enjoyed… one of his videos from a site called BeefCakeHunter.

The pic is of a guy named “Thomas” who appeared in various BeefCakeHunter videos. “BeefCakeHunter is all about finding regular sexy straight dudes,” their website reads.

“Sexy Guys, like the ones you see when you go to the grocery store, sports bars, the laundry room, the gym, the mall, etc. Even though some of them have a six pack or may have a face like a model, we are not all about that! BeefCakeHunter is about the sex appeal of the every day, next door type of straight guys. The guy you see next door and picture naked! Most of us, gay men fantasize about hooking up with a straight man, and most of us wonder if there is a chance that they would do naughty ‘things’ with us!”

The photo is of one of the site’s infamous beefcakes — an 18-year-old straight guy from Florida named Thomas. You’ve probably seen a video of him getting a blow job on a couch. On PornHub, the video has nearly 6.5 million views. After that first one, he returned to do a few more.

Many people on Twitter agreed that they, too, think Thomas is super hot. However, others took a more combative approach — arguing that gay for pay sites like BeefCakeHunter glamorize self-hating gay sex that, in 2018, we should no longer value.

One user wrote, ‘Why y’all keep giving these G4P sites and the queens who run them views? Have some dignity, because BeefCakeHunter surely has none.”

Another added: “I know who he is and the video was boring AF, he looked like he was gonna fall asleep any second for most of the video.”

After some heated debate in the comments, Lake added: “All y’all taking this tweet way too seriously.”

Does Gay Twitter have a point? Are these “gay for pay” studios doing more harm to our community than good when it comes to fetishizing straight baiting sexual behavior? Or should we all lighten up and just sit back and enjoy whatever these sexy straight guys consent to do for a few hundred bucks?

Is gay for pay still hot?

Whatever you think, it looks like Thomas is still up to his old tricks. We’re not sure if he’s still performing on BeefCakeHunter, but he is on Instagram and Tumblr where he sells private videos and Snapchat access as Christian. He doesn’t seem to shy away from his past, as his Instagram bio literally says, “Thomas from BeefCakeHunter.”

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