Why Would Anyone Think This Nude Photo of Rugby Star Ben Cohen Was Real?

Why Would Anyone Think This Nude Photo of Rugby Star Ben Cohen Was Real?

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In October 2016, when former rugby player and anti-homophobia activist Ben Cohen had his nude masturbation video leaked onto the internet, the Englishman was reportedly “devastated” that his young daughters might one day see the video. So he convinced websites to remove it. Nevertheless, people continue to circulate an alleged Ben Cohen nude photo online, except that the image is obviously super fake and not of him at all.

In fact, Cohen himself recently declared on Twitter, “It’s a fake picture buddy!!!!”


Here is the alleged Ben Cohen nude (that is, in fact, fake AF)

The full NSFW photo shows the penis poking out under the hands, but anyone who has ever seen Cohen’s numerous shirtless pics can easily see that his body and the body above look quite different.

Just take a look at these three images of Ben Cohen shirtless and compare:


A post shared by Ben Cohen (@bencohenstandup) on

Quick warm up before the photo shoot! #HowvainamI

A post shared by Ben Cohen (@bencohenstandup) on

Need to get back in the gym this morning! So I can get back into this sort of shape!

A post shared by Ben Cohen (@bencohenstandup) on

The most obvious difference is that Cohen’s chest hair clearly connects from his belly to his pecs with no break, unlike the smooth field between the pecs and belly in the fake Ben Cohen nude pic.

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Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to see Ben Cohen nude, preferably in photos or videos released with his full consent. In fact, there’s a whole slew of hot male celebs we’d love to see nude, but why settle for some super-fake nude photo of an athlete when other jocks are releasing their own actual nude pics?

If you’re really hungry for nude jocks, ditch the fakes and check out gay Olympian Blake Skjellerup’s nude pic, the numerous nude athletes in ESPN magazine’s Body Issue, hockey player Ryan Kesler walking nude around his office or Norwegian soccer player Aleksander Melgalvis Andreassen getting naked and sticking his penis into a trophy.

You’re welcome.