BenDeLaCreme Fires Back at Fans Sending Death Threats to Her ‘All Stars 3’ Sisters

BenDeLaCreme Fires Back at Fans Sending Death Threats to Her ‘All Stars 3’ Sisters

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 frontrunner BenDeLaCreme took to social media to respond to her fans who have been sending death threats to other queens.

Speculation on social media has been swirling that DeLaCreme will eventually quit this season of All Stars in favor of Morgan McMichaels returning to the competition. In the wake of this speculation, McMichaels has apparently become the target of quite a lot of online hate and threats. So BenDeLaCreme posted a video to her Facebook to respond to her fans.

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“I am will happy that the majority of you are enjoying Drag Race in a fun and respectful way, but earlier today one of my fellow cast members from All Stars 3 was sent a very serious death threat,” BenDeLaCreme says. “It was explicit, and it was deeply upsetting. And I know that’s not the only hate speech that is being flung around to my fellow sisters.”

“Finally, we have this platform where [gender non-conforming gay men and trans women] are being celebrated for who they are, and now it’s come around full circle where that platform is now being used as a platform for people to feel entitled to reach out in hate speech,” he says. “I don’t think that the people who are doing this are listening to me or any of the girls who speaks up and says you guys have to reign it in. But I think that we all have to keep talking about it.”

BenDeLaCreme concludes, “It’s just a TV show. It’s just drag. But this shit is really serious and we need you guys to stop.”

In the comments, one person defends the fan sending death threats. BenDeLaCreme fires back once again, telling them:

Threats like this don’t need to be humanized. I don’t need to be defended in this way. I am a full grown person, I make my own decisions, I live my own life, I am not anyone’s baby that needs protecting. I have to say I don’t understand your perspective at all. Making threats on another human being is unacceptable. The end.

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