Former Model and Porn Star Benjamin Bradley Is Fighting Cancer, and He Needs Your Help

Former Model and Porn Star Benjamin Bradley Is Fighting Cancer, and He Needs Your Help

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Benjamin Bradley made his name in porn films for Falcon Studios and Buckshot, and as a model for Ginch Gonch underwear. But now, he’s hung up his porn name — and Benjamin Lemke is lying in a hospital bed. Lemke is currently going through his second bout with cancer, specifically, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Unfortunately, cancer is very expensive. Lemke has run out of money and maxed out his credit cards paying for treatment. His significant other, Alfred Robles, has set up a YouCaring page to help raise money for Lemke’s medical bills. He’s already raised over $8,000 — but the goal is $12,000.

Lemke has a large tumor pressing against his jugular vein, which makes it difficult to eat and breathe. The tumor is metastatic, which means it spread from its point of origin — in this case, the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, the tumor is growing and is keeping Lemke from sleeping as well.

With treatment, it’s hoped that the tumor will start to shrink. Treatment could also reduce the chronic pain Lemke is experiencing — both from his jugular tumor and from several lesions on his lungs also caused by the cancer.

Luckily, in an update to the YouCaring page, Robles says Lemke’s spirits remain high despite the setbacks. He’s also reading Lemke the comments from his YouCaring page and his Facebook, which cheers him up.

Lemke’s situation is sadly not rare in America. As helpful as the Affordable Care Act (aka. Obamacare) has been, it’s not as useful as universal healthcare would be. And with the Trump administration’s repeated attempts to repeal and weaken the ACA, things could get worse for people like Lemke with severe medical conditions.

Many of us have lost someone to cancer. Over half a million people will die each year to different cancers. And, due to the high costs of medical treatment, some survivors have come out of their fight financially ruined.

We urge anyone reading this who is able to help Lemke to do so. Lemke’s story is but another example of why we must fight for health care reform in the United States. (And an example of why it’s particularly galling that the Tories want to dismantle the United Kingdom’s National Health Service for an American-style system.)

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