Hornet’s Editors Pick Their 10 Favorite Celebrity Stories of 2017

Hornet’s Editors Pick Their 10 Favorite Celebrity Stories of 2017

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Whether you love them, hate them, hate to love them or love to hate them, we all have opinions on celebrities. And, like it or not, celebrities are a major part of our culture. We were lucky enough to sit down with a number of them to find out the real scoop. As part of our Editors’ Picks series, here are the best celebrity stories of the year.

Below are the 10 best celebrity stories by Hornet in 2017:


1. ‘Battle of the Sexes’ Star Alan Cumming: It’s a Responsibility, Not a ‘Privilege’ to Tell Queer Stories

During a recent sit-down with Alan Cumming, the famed Scottish actor spoke to whether queer artists and actors have a duty to tell the tales of the LGBTQ community. In Cumming’s opinion, he bears a “great responsibility” to do just that in his work.


2. Daniel Franzese Recalls Brutal Harassment by Bijou Phillips on the Set of ‘Bully’

The actor took to Facebook to recall stories of body-shaming and physical abuse at the hands of Bijou Phillips on the set of their 2001 film Bully. She repeatedly loudly asked him “Are you gay?!” and mocked him for then identifying as bi, and called him gross when he took off his shirt for a scene.


3. Exclusive: Tori Amos Tells Us About Beginning Her Musical Career in Gay Bars

We had the opportunity to chat with Tori Amos, where she told us about her start in gay bars at the age of 13 and what fans can expect at her upcoming shows in New York.


4. He’s Still Here: Michael Musto on His Roast, Madonna and Why Nightlife Ain’t Dead Yet

In anticipation of his roast, we chatted with Michael Musto about his history of mixing humor and journalism and the current state of New York nightlife during his 33 years in the industry.


5. Newly Out Actor Haaz Sleiman Has No Time for Gay Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

Earlier this year, Haaz Sleiman posted a Facebook video in which he came out as gay bottom who will destroy homophobes, a message which made us swoon. We got to sit down with the ‘Nurse Jackie’ actor as he delved into Hollywood’s homophobic hypocrisy and why he’s not dating Anderson Cooper.

6. We Speak With Bridget Everett About Drag Queens and Getting Her Start in Gay Bars

During our chat with Bridget Everett, we dished about how she got her start in gay bars, her new pilot ‘Love You More’ and the drag queen who inspires her most. The “alt-cabaret provocateur” and Patti Cake$ star did not disappoint.


7. Watch This 1983 Video of Harvey Fierstein Explaining Homosexuality to Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters made her fame as a hard-hitting journalist who’s interviewed world leaders like the Shah of Iran and Vladimir Putin. But she’s also known for her puff-pieces with celebrities with inane questions. Unfortunately, this 1983 interview with Harvey Fierstein doesn’t look good on her.


8. In Honor of National Coming Out Day 2017, These LGBTQ People Share Their Stories

For National Coming Out Day this year, we reached out to a number of our favorite LGBTQ celebrities and journalists to ask them to share their coming out stories. We got some great responses and found out some surprises.


9. Here’s a Comprehensive List of Kevin Spacey’s Accusers

The reputation and career of newly out gay American actor Kevin Spacey have continued to tumble following a wave of allegations of sexual advances on young actors, crew members and others. As a result, his talent agency and his publicist have both dropped him, as has Netflix.


10. Op/Ed: We Don’t Get to Lecture Demi Lovato (or Anyone for That Matter) on Being Out


What were some of the best celebrity stories of 2017 in your opinion? Sound off in the comments!

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