The 10 Best European Beaches to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

The 10 Best European Beaches to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

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From the pebbles around Brighton Pier and unspoiled Welsh coves to Greek Islands and Spanish beaches where the party never stops, September is a great month to enjoy the best European beaches.

Whether they’re gay beaches with a strong LGBT presence or are somewhere off the beaten path are thus perfect for a romantic adventure with your partner, we’ve got sea and sand sorted.

These are the 10 best European beaches to enjoy in the summer:


1. Cala Balmins / Playa de la Balmins, Sitges, Spain

The gay town of Sitges, a 40-minute train ride south of Barcelona, has everything you might want from a holiday destination: romantic cobbled streets, boutique shopping and a variety of nightlife, with the warm Mediterranean Sea and golden sands never more than a few hundred meters away.

The jewel in Sitges’ crown, however, has to be Cala Balmins / Playa de la Balmins, with its rocky outcrops, reasonably priced beach bar and — come Sitges Bear Week — more naked hairy men frolicking in the water than you could imagine possible on one strip of sand.

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