Hornet’s Editors Pick Their 10 Favorite Sex Stories of 2017 Editors' Picks

Hornet’s Editors Pick Their 10 Favorite Sex Stories of 2017

Written by Matt Keeley on December 30, 2017
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Sex and sexuality are a big part of life. Whether you’re gay, straight, bi or ace — or anything in between — you’ve had a number of experiences, situations and opinions. From stories about orientation to stories just about the mechanics of le petit mort, here are the best sex stories of the year.

Below are the 10 best sex stories by Hornet in 2017:


1. 10 Things I Learned From Working in a Gay Bathhouse

gay bathhouse teaser best sex stories

From what to tell your more puritanical friends about your new job to awkward patron encounters, here’s what our correspondent Sebastian Fortino learned while working for a gay bathhouse.


2. So, Here’s How I Ended Up Living With My Boyfriend and His Wife

polyamorist teaser best sex stories

Zachary Zane writes “If you told me that roughly a year after breaking up with my girlfriend that I’d be moving into an apartment with my new boyfriend and his wife, I never would have believed you. But that’s what happened — and here’s how.”


3. Op-Ed: If You’re Black and ‘Prefer’ Not to Date Black Men, That’s Internalized Racism

internalized racism 01 best sex stories

When black, 19-year-old guitarist Steve Lacy recently explained why he didn’t want to date black men, he overlooked his own internalized racism, and pissed off many of his fans in the process.


4. It’s Often Been Easier for Bi People to Say ‘I’m Gay’ (And That Needs to Stop)

Bisexual Confusion best sex stories

At 27, Daniel Addice is totally secure in his sexual orientation. But still, on many occasions I find myself replying to the annoying question “Are you straight or gay?” with a simple “gay” rather than “bi.”


5. The Argument for Not Shaming Guys Who Are Discreet on Gay Apps

discreet guys teaser best sex stories

Discreet guys are pretty common on gay apps, for a multitude of reasons, but shaming isn’t how we should respond to closeted or confused men. Not all of them are just cheating on their wives with other men.


6. I Run a Jerk-Off Club: True Stories from 3 American Club Owners

jerk-off clubs teaser best sex stories

You can find jerk-off clubs in many major U.S. cities, and after going to one, we sat down to interview three club owners about their experiences, and why jerk-off clubs can be the most diverse sexual gathering you’ve ever seen.


7. Op/Ed: Sex-Shaming in the LGBTQ Community Is Threatening to Tear Us Apart

sex-shaming teaser best sex stories

Sex-shaming is a tool politicians use against the queer community, so why do we take on this same mentality when dealing with each other? What’s the big deal with sex, how often and in what ways we have it?



8. Why I Blocked the Last Man I Slept With

blocking dating app best sex stories

Alexander Kacala was finally ready to give “Brian” a chance, but when Bryan lied about his relationship, Alex decided it was time to block him.


9. Experts Warn That People Will Eventually Discriminate Against ‘Digisexuals’ for Having Sex With Robots

digisexuals teaser best sex stories

Digisexuals are people who prefer sex with robots or hi-tech devices, and two researchers predict they’ll face lots of stigma and ethical dilemmas and even societal discrimination.


10. 5 Simple Ways for Guys to Ramp Up Their Masturbation Game

masturbate better best sex stories

You don’t have to bend over backwards or shell out hard-earned cash to masturbate better — just follow these five rather simple tips to masturbate more effectively — something that can in turn make you a better lover.


What were some of the best sex stories of 2017 in your opinion? Sound off in the comments!

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