Here Are the 7 Best Things About Being a Man Who Dates Men

Here Are the 7 Best Things About Being a Man Who Dates Men

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There are undoubtedly some perks of being a man who dates other men. Perks that we might not even recognize unless we really think about it. There are the obvious ones, like being able to rub your face in a guy’s chest hair, but there’s so much more than just that.

So here they are: seven of the best perks of being a guy who likes and dates other guys.


1. The sharing of clothes

My ex and I had just one drawer for all of our clothing. I am 6’4″ and he was 5’11″, but somehow 90% of our clothing fit one another perfectly. We didn’t even ask if we could use one another’s shirts. It was assumed. By the end, when we broke up, we weren’t even sure whose clothing was originally whose. It also makes gift-shopping amazing, because while you’re buying “him” a shirt for his birthday, you’re buying yourself one too. (Though of course you have to pretend that wasn’t your plan.)


2. The spooning

I’ve spooned with women and I’ve spooned with men. I’ve spooned with folks of all the genders. Maybe it’s because I’m a giant, but it’s a lot easier to spoon with guys, because they’re more likely to be my size. It’s also not assumed that you’re going to be big or little spoon. (I feel like in many different-sex relationships the guy is always big spoon and the woman always the little spoon.)


3. The sex

Have you had sex with a man before? It’s pretty … pretttttyyyyy amazing. Also: prostates. If God didn’t want us to stick things up our butts, he wouldn’t have given them to us.


4. The lack of pregnancy scares

There’s really not much more to it than that. If I was thinking about whether or not I was going to end up having a little living thingamabob inside of me every time I had sex, I would literally never have sex. (Or I’d get, like, eight IUDs inside my butthole, just in case. Ya know?)


5. We have the whole “friends with benefits” thing down

We have this down. Like, we got this shit. Arguably too well. Sometimes I feel like every gay guy is sleeping with his friends and no one is actually dating.


6. We don’t mind the age gap

Not only do we not mind it, there’s less of a social stigma, too. When I hear that a 22-year-old woman is dating a 40-year-old man, I immediately judge. (I shouldn’t, I know. But I do. We’ve been brought up to judge and think there must be something exploitative going on in that Lolita-esque relationship.) But when I hear of a 22-year-old man dating a 40-year-old daddy, I’m like “Yaaasss, werq!” and then I cry and whisper to myself, “I wish I had a daddy….”


7. We don’t have to abide by traditional gender roles

“So, like, who’s the man in the relationship?” Both. The answer is both because we are both men. But there are no expectations of what one partner in the relationship is supposed to do. It’s not expected that one of us stays home with the baby, or pays on the first date, or takes out the trash, or any of that nonsense. We can just live and let live.


What are some other great things about being a guy who dates other guys? Sound off in the comments.


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