Beth Ditto Sets Our Ears Aflame With New Solo Track ‘Fire’ (Listen)

Beth Ditto Sets Our Ears Aflame With New Solo Track ‘Fire’ (Listen)

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During an interview today with BBC Radio 1, Beth Ditto — formerly the lead singer of rock group Gossip — unveiled the first single from her upcoming debut solo album, Fake Sugar. The track, titled “Fire,” is reportedly one of “65 to 80 songs” Ditto wrote over the last two years in consideration for the project. From the sounds of it, she chose a good one.

It’s been five years since Ditto released an album with her former band. 2012’s A Joyful Noise featured the tracks “Move In the Right Direction” and “Get a Job,” but wasn’t loved by all critics.

2011 saw Ditto release a four-song EP, including the track “I Wrote the Book.” Fans have long been clamoring for more music from the big-bodied queer rock star.

Ditto has told Pitchfork that the solo album “[is] gonna be my Southern record but not necessarily a country record,” and this first track “Fire” reflects that. It’s definitely more of a rock jam than a country one, but still, Ditto’s Arkansas roots are hard to dissect from her unique vocal brand. Ditto also says fans should look forward to a diverse-in-sound, vocal-riven album.

Take a look at the set list of Beth Ditto’s upcoming solo album, Fake Sugar:

1. Fire
2. In and Out
3. Fake Sugar
4. Savoire Faire
5. We Could Run
6. Oo La La
7. Go Baby Go
8. Oh My God
9. Love in Real Life
10. Do You Want Me To
11. Lover
12. Clouds

Last year saw the rocker delve into the world of fashion, releasing two installments of her own plus-size fashion line, first in February, the other in November.

In November, Ditto spoke to Vogue about creating plus-size fashion and misconceptions over what is figure-flattering:

As a fat woman, and especially as an LGBT woman, you’re not supposed to be proud or be seen, and if you take those factors and put them into fat fashion, it becomes all about visibility. I’m lucky to be successful enough to fund this line myself and to do something that hasn’t necessarily been seen on this kind of mainstream level, so it’s important that it makes a statement and celebrates the wider movement. There are lots of independent designers out there creating plus-size fashion DIY, and I like to recognize them.

“It’s very important to me that fat people know that they deserve to be draped in seven yards of fucking silk,” Ditto told Pitchfork, “and if I have to do it my damn self, I will.”

Ditto’s Fake Sugar is due later this year.

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