Biblical Counselors Oppose Ex-Gay Therapy, But Not Really

Biblical Counselors Oppose Ex-Gay Therapy, But Not Really

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Great news! The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors announced this week that they “are adamantly opposed to reparative therapy” (aka ex-gay torture used to “turn” queer people straight). The only problem is that they aren’t really opposed to it at all.

Allow us to explain: This week the ACBC had their annual conference entitled “Homosexuality: Compassion, Care, and Counsel for Struggling People” (which should’ve been our first clue) — an annual gathering that draws thousands of church leaders and spiritual advisors. Before the conference officially began, they held a pre-conference entitled “Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity(oh Jesus… really?) and a press conference during which the ACBC’s Executive Director Dr. Heath Lambert announced, “As an organization we are adamantly opposed to reparative therapy, and we reject that homosexuals must become heterosexuals. We reject that because we are Christians.”

That’s wonderful! As we’ve said ex-gay therapy is awful. There’s no proof that it works, sometimes it involves naked homoerotic rituals, many of its advocates have gone back to being gay (like they always were) and multiple psychological associations have declared it psychologically harmful — it’s also sadly legal in 46 U.S. states.

Unfortunately however, Dr. Lambert kept talking:

“The Christian message as revealed in the Bible is that transgender and homosexual lifestyles are sinful. The Bible teaches that God forgives sins and provides power to live a life that honors God for all persons who repent of their sin and trust in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ… We are using this conference to demonstrate how counseling that is uniquely biblical can lead to repentance, holiness, and joy for all who leave their life of sin to follow Jesus Christ.”

So in short, they don’t support ex-gay therapy, but they believe that being LGBT is a sin and that biblical counseling can help LGBT people can “leave” that sin… which mean they support ex-gay therapy.

Oh well… at least the Obama administration is against it.

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