‘Big Brother UK’ Hunks Soap Each Other Up During Shower Threesome

‘Big Brother UK’ Hunks Soap Each Other Up During Shower Threesome

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Big Brother – the British or American version – is always a trap for thirsty content. Usually it’s because producers manage to get the hottest hunks in the house and get them to drop trou all season long.

In the new season of the British installment, hunks Kieran, Lotan Carter and Tom all walk around in next to nothing most of the time. But the thirst level went to new heights earlier this week when they decided to soap each other down in the shower.

If this is what straight men do in their natural habitat, where do we sign up?

Carter was already on our radar even before the sexy shower scene.  He’s a member of The Dreamboys, a Magic Mike style strip show that tours the United Kingdom.

According to a report in Real Magazine, the hunk believes his penis is his most prized and lucrative asset. So even if the boys break it while soaping him up and down during their shower threesome, no worries. He’s gotten it insured.

The 28-year-old told the publication: “One of the lads at work had an accident. A fan grabbed his tackle a bit too hard and he’s had to take two weeks off work.”

“We’ve had to take out insurance on our members. Now my willy’s worth £12 million!”‘

The American version of Big Brother just started this week, and houseguest Ramses Soto was revealed to have just come out of the closet recently.

“Be spontaneous, take risks, laugh and respect others,” is his life motto.The 21 year-old hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He grew up in the Dominican Republic and lived there for about ten years. He just recently came out as gay to his older brother.

Soto is quite the cutie. The are some other hotties in the house who we are hoping learn a lesson from the boys in Britain and get in the shower together as well.

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