Bubble Trouble: In His New Video, Big Dipper Wants to Be Your ‘LaCroix Boi’

Bubble Trouble: In His New Video, Big Dipper Wants to Be Your ‘LaCroix Boi’

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The self-proclaimed “raunchy big boy bear of internet rap” is back. Big Dipper, the world’s leading big-boned queer rapper, today released a brand-new music video, this time for his summer single “LaCroix Boi.”

Co-produced by Mike Malarkey and with a music video directed by Ryan Ovadia, “LaCroix Boi” pays tribute to your favorite brand of sparkling water. But it also marks a bit of a departure for Big Dipper; while the track retains his typical witty rhymes and sexy lyrics, it ditches the raunch and opts for AutoTune with a bit of sultry falsetto.

“I’m obsessed with LaCroix, and I love experimenting with music genres, so it just seemed right,” says Big Dipper on his shift to a more R&B sound. “The vibe is less ‘party’ and more like baby-makin’ music.”

Before watching, check out a few of our favorite moments from Big Dipper’s new “LaCroix Boi” music video:

1. The video’s full-on TLC “Creep” moment

How can we not get into a moment that throws back to TLC’s 1994 ode to cheating on your man? Yep, Big Dipper went there — along with a few sexy backup boys — clad in the silk PJs that at this point have become synonymous with the music video heavyweight. “You know they have those skinny cans, too,” Big Dipper croons.

2. The cameo by Drag Race All Star Alaska

She’s well-known for her own brand of dragtastic, danceable tracks and music videos, but this time she’s playing the “ride-or-die” BFF of Big Dipper in his custom-made LaCroix can automobile.

3. The LaCroix can jacket that we must have

Speaking of “custom-made,” we can’t not throw a shout-out to Big Dipper’s couture can jacket (which he sports while hoverboarding, BTW). Yep, a jacket made entirely out of aluminum LaCroix cans. Where can we score one?!


Watch the new Big Dipper music video for “LaCroix Boi” below:

Then go download “LaCroix Boi” from iTunes here.

And for more videos, behind-the-scenes “LaCroix Boi” photos and merch, head to lacroixboi.com.

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