Billboard Near Republican Convention Shows Trump Kissing Cruz

Billboard Near Republican Convention Shows Trump Kissing Cruz

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Remember the billboard outside of the November 2015 Republican Presidential debate showing a Trump-esque elephant hooking up on Hornet? Planting Peace — the non-profit that hosted a gay wizard wedding at their rainbow-colored house near the rabidly anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church — recently put up a billboard in Cleveland, the host city of next week’s Republican National Convention (RNC). The billboard shows horrible racist Donald Trump kissing masturbating dildo-hater Ted Cruz with the words “Love Trumps Hate”.

Although the billboard isn’t next to the RNC venue like the Hornet one was (the Planting Peace one is five minutes from the RNC), it’s still a great bit of trolling, especially considering that the Republicans just released the most anti-LGBT political platform in history. Plus, it’s not the first time Trump has been illustrated making out with another man, nor is it the first time that Planting Peace has used billboards to oppose anti-LGBT politics.

The Huffington Post reports:

“Planting Peace has sponsored other political billboards in the past, many calling out political bigotry surrounding rights for LGBT individuals. The non-profit organization previously sponsored a billboard in North Carolina blasting the anti-queer House Bill 2, another in Mississippi in response to the state’s “religious liberty” legislation and a third in the hometown of anti-same sex marriage clerk Kim Davis.”

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Their billboard probably won’t shift anti-LGBT attitudes, but it is pretty funny. Plus it’ll likely get a few closeted Republicans pretty hot too.

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