Your Chances of Dating Newly Out Bisexual Aaron Carter Have Recently Increased

Your Chances of Dating Newly Out Bisexual Aaron Carter Have Recently Increased

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It looks like Aaron Carter is back on the market.

Before coming out as bisexual, he broke up with longtime girlfriend Madison Parker.

Page Six confirmed with Carter’s rep:

“Aaron and Madison love each other and respect one another dearly. It was a mutual decision that happened last week and Aaron’s personal statement released speaks for itself. Now back to the music.”

The couple reportedly met on Instagram. Carter told ET last month he wanted to propose to Parker in the future.

“I wanna be married. I wanna be engaged to my beautiful girlfriend, Madison,” he said of his plans in the coming years. “I wanna be a good father, a good role model, a strong role model.”

In a heartfelt note on Saturday night, the child pop star came out as bisexual, admitting to finding both girls and boy attractive since he was 13-years-old.

Carter wrote:

“I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age and when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive. There were years that went by that I thought about, but it wasn’t until I was 17-years-old, after a few relationships with girls, I had an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with.”

Earlier this year, the pair was arrested in Georgia for driving under the influence, marijuana possession and obstruction of law-enforcement officers. Soon after, Carter opened up bout having eating disorder that lead many web commenters to conclude that he was sick or addicted to drugs because of his weight loss.

Since he has come out, Carter’s Instagram has been flooded with positive comments.

One person wrote: “Sometimes it helps people to experience the ritual of coming out in a public way. I support whatever it is anyone needs to do (which isn’t hurtful to others) to pursue their own happiness. I definitely support this. Sending light and love, @aaroncarter.”

Another said: “That does not define you as a person and your amazing. You have had to deal with a lot through your life and you have made it through it all, no matter if your straight, gay, bi, trans… it don’t matter. As long as you are happy and continue to be you sweet, loving ,happy and energetic self who cares…”

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