15 Anonymous Bisexual Secrets From ‘Whisper’

15 Anonymous Bisexual Secrets From ‘Whisper’

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Every so often, we like to check in with the users of Whisper.Sh and see what people are saying. If you’ve not used the app, Whisper is sort of a cross between Snapchat and PostSecret, letting you post your secrets anonymously, but still allowing comments and replies.

Previously, we looked at asexuality and coming out, and this time, we’ll explore the joy and difficulties with being bisexual!

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Yes it is very Christian of you to tell me I'm going to burn in hell for being Bisexual, having a septum, and being a female death metal vocalist.
My girl of 5 years left me because she can't accept the fact I love both men and women. I'm a bisexual female.
Just FYI, a person's sexual orientation is not a fetish. Okay? So when I say I'm bisexual don't say 'damn that's hawt'. Asshole.
I love that I'm androgynous. Especially since I'm bisexual.
I'm a bisexual girl and I've never dated or had sex with another girl. I hate it when people say that makes me not really bi.
I finally accept myself as bisexual. I am not invisible. My sexuality is real. I accept me.
I told someone I trust that I'm bisexual and I think she has told others because now all the girls I call friends are acting weirdly and avoiding me
I just told my friend I'm bisexual
I did the impossible!! I turned a straight girl gay!! Praise to the world I am the bisexual lady Jesus
So I am bisexual and want to come out to my family and friends. Only a few hand fulls of people actually know already unfortunately at least half were told by somone else against my wishes. Should I?
I think I'm bisexual. I've felt this way for longer than I knew what
My best friend knew I was bisexual before I did .-. (Pic is amazing tbh)
I wish my Grandmother would accept me for who I am. Bisexuality and all.
I did not realize that I am bisexual until after I got married.
I'm a married bisexual polyamorous female. Finding friends is a struggle. Not even going to mention how hard to find an open minded female is I just want Netflix and cuddles not Netflix and chill.

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