Björk Sports a Strap-On in Her Latest Album’s Artwork, But That’s Not Her Most Risqué Look

Björk Sports a Strap-On in Her Latest Album’s Artwork, But That’s Not Her Most Risqué Look

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Beloved queer icon Björk is about to drop her tenth studio album, Utopia, on November 24. The Icelandic diva teased fans about her upcoming project on her personal Instagram account and shared the cover art. Never short of stunning outlandish ideas, Björk debuted a haunting futuristic look.

Working with a group of talented artists including James Merry — an artist who created several stunning masks for Björk in the past — Björk didn’t disappoint us. The gorgeous hand-scuplted silicone face mask is amazing in the way it brings to mind bats, flowers and fungus.

If her last album, Vulnicura, is about heartbreak, Björk says that Utopia is about rediscovering paradise. And Björk’s alien-inspired cover art truly reflects this spirit. Decorated with pearls and a chick about to hatch, the mask is the perfect teaser for this leg of Björk’s artistic journey.

#utopia out november 24 / photos by @santiagraphy / makeup by @isshehungry

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In addition to the fierce cover, Björk also shot additional promo photos supporting Utopia. Her groundbreaking visuals are always mystical, unconventional — and sometimes risqué. She donned a tight bodysuit resembling her naked body with red ribbons attached to her nipples for her “Cocoon” video. For Utopia, she pushed her artistic boundaries even further, giving us something completely original and different.

In a seafoam fringe-covered jumpsuit, Björk’s costume resembles a a sea creature with accordion style sleeves. Wearing another James Merry mask, she also sports a maroon strap-on as part of her outfit. Risqué? Perhaps.

While we’re not sure about her official intentions, maybe Björk is making a statement about non-binary gender representations — after all, Utopia is about finding the perfect paradise. This version of Björk has evolved into a joyous entity not defined by gender, status or class.

This unusual look isn’t Björk’s first provocative creation. Throughout her thirty-year plus career, she has given us several memorable and highly styled looks. From the pixie ingenue adorning Debut to the seductress with a wounded heart on Vulnicura, Björk’s sound evolves over time, just like her visual style. She gets bolder, more refined and louder as she grows.

Whether her concerts, magazine pictorials or digital projects, it’s always exciting to see what form Björk has morphed into now. In honor of Utopia, we thought we’d take a look at Björk’s many other risqué and memorable looks.

A look back at Björk fashion: