Conceptual Artist Rob Roth Directs Freaky Black Party Teaser (NSFW)

Conceptual Artist Rob Roth Directs Freaky Black Party Teaser (NSFW)

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The Saint At Large, New York’s preeminent gay party producer, announce this year’s Black Party theme “Dark Matter” that returns to Manhattan on April 1, 2017.

A 20-hour event, The Black Party is structured in five acts corresponding to five sets of increasingly intense dance music by world class DJs, drawing attendees into a magnetically immersive environment.

The theme “Dark Matter” is described by The Black Party’s creative director, conceptual artist Rob Roth. Roth has worked with Rihanna, David Bowie and Lady Gaga. He also use to run the party Click + Drag at Mother with the legendary Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell.

Rob Roth said:

On April 1, the Resistance will launch a stealth mission to transport refugees fleeing Earth’s hostile new world order to a fantastic alternate universe where bizarrely-uniformed men have forged their own, queer, libertine, Eden.”

Obscured from prying eyes by clouds of mysterious dark matter, a new space colony will be built on a multitude of planets in a galaxy claimed as our own. Robotic space probes will explore the depths of space in order to expand the Resistance further with new life forms willing to join the cause.

Though not for everyone–the ship has limited capacity and the journey is not for the weak of heart (or imagination)–those who commit to the trip will be rewarded by the sights, sounds, and alien pleasures of a new, deliciously dark, Dionysian paradise.

Watch the teaser video Roth directed:

For tickets to this year’s Black Party, visit here.

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