Blinded Seeing Eye Dog Gets Seeing Eye Dog

Blinded Seeing Eye Dog Gets Seeing Eye Dog

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Graham Waspe’s loyal guide dog, Edward, had to have his eyes removed due to cataracts after six years of service. Waspe himself has extremely limited vision in only one eye after two childhood incidents that left him almost completely blind. What was the blind man to do now that his guide dog had gone blind?

Why, get his guide dog a guide dog of course. Enter Opal, who began training with Edward in mid-November. Come December, she officially took over as the seeing eye dog of Edward. Oh, and Graham as well.

Mail Online reports:

Mr Waspe, of Stowmarket, Suffolk, received his new dog last November after Edward developed the inoperable problem which resulted in him needing both eyes removed.

And the two-year-old bitch has stepped in where Edward left off as they tour their old haunts together.

While Edward is well know across the schools and community groups of Suffolk, Opal is now building his own reputation as their owners give talks about the Guide Dogs charity, training for such special dogs and the incredible ways they help their owners.

Edward and Opal made fast friends. He has shown her around all of his usual haunts in the backyard, and shows no sign of slowing down now that he has lost his eyes. The two dogs and Graham have become something of celebrities in the neighborhood, and now volunteer at schools to raise awareness about blindness and diversity, as well as participating in fundraising campaigns.

Love it! Although to be honest, the best part was when Mail Online called Opal a bitch, right? Oh, you crazy Brits!

Via Mail Online

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