Bob Harper, the Gay Fitness Coach on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Suffered a Massive Heart Attack

Bob Harper, the Gay Fitness Coach on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Suffered a Massive Heart Attack

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We aren’t sure how this slipped under our radar, but it appears that Bob Harper, 51, the gay fitness coach from the reality competition series The Biggest Loser, suffered a massive heart attack two weeks ago.

Harper reportedly told TMZ that he was working out in a New York gym when he collapsed. Luckily a doctor was on-site, who administered CPR and even pulled out the defribillator paddles!

The L.A.-based trainer claims he was unconscious for two entire days and had to remain hospitalized for eight days total. TMZ claims he’s still in New York, as his doctors haven’t yet cleared him to fly back to California.

Luckily, Harper seems to be doing much better, and he claims the heart attack was the result of genetics, as his mother apparently died from heart issues. A scary incident like this is a reminder that a six-pack really isn’t a symbol of overall health, and there’s more to being healthy than spending time in the gym. It’s a great reminder that we should all take care of ourselves in every sense of the word.

For the meantime, his exercise has been limited to walking, which has to kill him, though he’s been active on Instagram since the incident:

(Featured photo courtesy NBC)

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