‘Drag Race’ Winner Bob the Drag Queen Beats Down Some Terrible Tops in His New Super Hero Comic Book

‘Drag Race’ Winner Bob the Drag Queen Beats Down Some Terrible Tops in His New Super Hero Comic Book

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Bob the Drag Queen, the comedic winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8, now appears in Kickass Drag Queen, an eight-panel superhero comic book whose first issue is available for free on Instagram.

In the inaugural issue — illustrated by openly gay comedian Matteo Lane — opens as Bob’s shift at his minimum wage day job gets interrupted by “the distinctive cry of a defenseless pocket gay.”

When Bob investigates, he sees a small gay man being threatened by several large and muscular tops, presumably who want to rape him. (Male rape does actually occur in our community, though it’s seldom discussed.)

Taking a “deep homosexual breath” and grabbing his magical crown (“which he earned” by the way, thank you very much), Bob transforms Sailor Moon-style into Kickass Drag Queen. She then beats up the terrible tops — her punches and kicks landing with the sounds of “CHER!” and “PREP!”

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Future issues are reportedly in the works and upcoming installments will undoubtedly incorporate Bob’s legendary purse, a handbag that regularly featured into his workroom entrances during Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The purse became so famous that fan rumors about the purse being cursed popped up online and in May 2016, Bob turned his catchphrase “Purse first” into a music video (above) starring gay choreographer and singer Todrick Hall, former Drag Race competitor Manila Luzon and others.

Bob certainly isn’t the first drag queen ever to appear in a comic book. In 2016, Seattle drag queen Mama Tits appeared in the comic book Mama Tits Saves the World, an adventure where she used her drag queen superpowers to fight supervillain versions of infamous real-life homophobes like Kim “Polyestra” Davis and Reverend Jerry “Plummetgood” Falwell.

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You can read the first issue of Bob the Drag Queen’s comic book below

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