Bob The Drag Queen Claps Back at a Fan Who Calls Her ‘So Rude’

Bob The Drag Queen Claps Back at a Fan Who Calls Her ‘So Rude’

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Was Bob The Drag Queen rude to a fan? That’s what one fan is saying after he tweeted disappointment at her behavior following getting a picture with the Drag Race Season 8 winner.

Bob The Drag Queen found herself in a Twitter sparring match after the fan tweeted he was upset at Bob’s behavior during an on-the-fly photo opp. (Bob did pose for the pic, even though her face doesn’t seem too happy about it. Then again, neither does the fan!)

Keith Moore tweeted out the photo with the caption “Last night I met the current reigning… I’ve never been more upset…. I get shows take there tole but have courtesy for fans…. so rude @thatonequeen.”

Bob The Drag Queen of course isn’t the current reigning queen, but that confusion could be because the fan hails from the UK, where they’re possibly behind a season. Anyway, Bob saw the tweet and responded, “Before I go. I want you to tell me what I said to you that was rude. What was the ‘cunt’ thing that I said to you?”

Moore responded, “You didn’t say anything. It was your attitude towards a fan that was shitty. That’s all. I get that You have your personal stuff and just did a show… but if you didn’t want to take a photo… I’d have been fine with that js.”

Bob responded, “In summation:  I did what you wanted, but not in the way that you wanted it. Because of that I’m a dick. Sound about right?”

The two went back and forth for a bit, with many of Bob’s fans chiming in to defend the Drag Race winner. Some pointed out that Bob never smiles in photos, including at meet-and-greets. Does that make Bob The Drag Queen rude? Others pointed out that a queen’s responsibility is to entertain, not take selfies with fans.

One fan writes, “What really upsets me in general is that we collectively cultivated this ‘culture’ that we NEED to take selfies with Drag Queens. They aren’t a tourist attraction. They are [identity], art, performance. Also, the constant berating is no different than HARASSING a woman for pic.”

They make a valid point.

New York-based queen Marti Gould Cummings also clapped back at the fan, writing, “You have no right to bitch and moan bc he didn’t smile in a photo. Out of drag or in drag for that matter, he is not required to take a photo with you. That is not his job.”

Drag Race judge Michelle Visage would disagree. On an episode of Hey Qween! back in 2014, she said, “Get out there and sign the friggin’ ticket. They can’t afford to buy your T-shirt. it’s unbelievable that you have the balls to say ‘no’ to a kid. You are a boy wearing a dress. I’m going to put me in that. I am no better, I am no worse. Who am I? You want my autograph? Absolutely.”

In the clip, Visage also relays a story about meeting Belinda Carlisle when she was younger. She explains that meeting her childhood idol in person damaged her love for her.

“I met her on The RuPaul Show on VH1, and she was so cunty,” Visage said. “I know she has changed a lot, and people say she is not like that anymore. And I am willing to give a diva another chance. I don’t hate her, but my heart was destroyed. Completely ruined.”

“When that happened, I [cried],” Visage says. “She was just really cold and didn’t care. It was 1996, so I’m hoping things have changed.”


What do you think? Was Bob The Drag Queen rude? Does a queen have a responsibility to her fans? Or did this fan take his disappointment too far?

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