Bob The Drag Queen Is Stirring Heated Debate on Twitter With Her Thoughts on Fan Interaction

Bob The Drag Queen Is Stirring Heated Debate on Twitter With Her Thoughts on Fan Interaction

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Bob The Drag Queen already has a documented history of speaking out about interaction between Drag Race fans and queens. Once again she’s made her thoughts very clear, as a new Bob the Drag Queen tweet is stirring some heated debate on social media.

In the tweet, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 reminds people that just because you’re excited to meet a celebrity, they’re probably not going to be as excited to see you.

Bob writes, “If you meet a person from TV in person whose work you admire, and they don’t seem excited to meet you, try and understand that they probably aren’t excited to meet you. You can’t expect them to be as happy in that moment as you are.”

Twitter user JP responded, “You are coming off a bit entitled. It’s a gift to be able to impact the lives of many people. Not everyone has that opportunity. It’s understandable that as a human u don’t always feel like being ‘on’ but every encounter with a fan shouldn’t be dry. calm down u aren’t Beyoncé.”

Bob responded, “This may shock you, but I am entitled. I’m entitled to what I have. That’s why I have it.”

JP jabbed back, “And it can all be snatched away from you. Far more successful people have lost it all. Be humble.”

“Snatch what away?” Bob asked. “Do you think I’m rich, do you think I live in a mansion? I live in Washington Heights above Harlem, and what I have is because I worked hard and create quality content. Not because I fake smiled at people.”

Other people have chimed in as well, backing Bob’s claims that he doesn’t have to be nice to people when he see them in public.

“I like realness, not a fake smile and fake bubbliness because someone wants to please everyone to keep fans,” one fan tweeted. “No one can snatch what Bob has away. Hard work and quality. Keep being yourself queen. Most of us appreciate it and love you for it.”


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