gay bobsledder simon dunn
gay bobsledder simon dunn

These 10 Furtastic Shots of Gay Bobsledder Simon Dunn Will Melt Your Icy Loins

Australian-born retired bobsledder Simon Dunn is the first openly gay man to represent his country in the Olympics, and all that bobsledding training has turned him into a sexy beast. DNA Magazine did a sexy photo shoot with Dunn not to long ago, draping him in the finery of furs and leather gladiator duds. The results have melted all the winter ice from our loins. In fact, we’re half-sure we have a fever now — maybe Dunn can take our temperature?

These days, Dunn is a rugby player who uses his Olympic fame to fight homophobia in sports — he writes occasional columns at Attitude magazine and has also got a handful of fun and sexy YouTube videos showing him wrestling, carrying lumber and generally being the man of our dreams. Come keep us warm, you winter bear you.

(Photos via Christian Scott, DNA Magazine and Simon Dunn’s Instagram)

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