Born This Way Update! I’m On It!

Born This Way Update! I’m On It!

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The good folks at Born This Way know a good thing when they see one. After writing them up earlier today, I went ahead and submitted my own picture. Ch-ch-check out my profile, y’all! I’m ready for my closeup.

My profile reads:

The photo itself might not scream “little gay boy” – but upon careful inspection, you’ll notice I had all of four teeth at this time. For some reason, my adult teeth took forever to grow in, leaving me with the thickest lisp possible.

For years. It was so bad that my school had to send me to speech class for three years – a class they created just for me. I thounded like the gayeth little boy in the whole thcool. It also probably didn’t help that I wore that mock turtle neck every day like it was a full time job.

I remember an obsession with swords at this time in my life. Why? So I could pretend to be She-Ra, of course. Never He-Man. Nobody could make out the fact that I was saying ‘By the power of Grayskull’, and aunts and uncles still tease me to this day my shouting ‘Baw-dee-aw-nees of Graythkull!’

Good times.

In retrospect, it all worked out really well. I grew up from a little, gay boy to a big, gay man who runs a company called Unicorn Booty that connects people with gay-friendly businesses.

Kevin’s first, famous-person same sex crush: Joey Lawrence (from “Blossom”)

Let it never be said that we take ourselves too seriously here at Unicorn Booty. Yes, that’s really me. To check out the rest of the Born This Way kids, click HERE. A big shout out to my lovely grandmother, Joyce for scanning the picture.

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