Here’s What You Can Expect From Season 2 of the Boulet Brothers’ ‘Dragula’

Here’s What You Can Expect From Season 2 of the Boulet Brothers’ ‘Dragula’

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Only on Season 1 of Dragula could you watch three queens in zombie drag racing to ingest a plate of brains, or witness them mud-wrestle after being buried alive in bug-infested coffins. Billed as a mashup of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Fear Factor and Jackass, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula brought something fresh and new to the interwebs. Now fans are hungry for more, and that wish has been granted. Dragula, “the search for the world’s next drag supermonster,” will officially air a second season, but thanks to Canadian LGBT cable channel OUTtv, there’s much more in store as well.

The web series, which premiered on Halloween of 2016, was the latest project of L.A.-based nightlife promoters the Boulet Brothers (you can refer to them as Swanthula and Dracmorda, individually), who had already made a name for themselves through well-crafted events nationwide. Capitalizing on their personas

In addition to airing Season 2 of Dragula, this fall OUTtv will also air Season 1 remastered and reformatted, featuring previously unseen content. (You can watch the first season on YouTube here.)

We sat down with the Boulet Brothers for a chat about what we can expect from Dragula Season 2.

1. More queens, and more full-length episodes.

Season 1 of Dragula featured six episodes in which its roster of nine talented queens were slowly winnowed down to a winner. For Season 2, though, you can expect even more full-length episodes, along with a slightly expanded batch of 10 contestants.

“As you know, the first season was initially a pilot season, so it was only six episodes followed by a ‘secrets revealed’ and a reunion,” says Swanthula. “After a huge response from the fans, we knew we needed to deliver more.”

Dracmorda chimes in, “Although the details have to remain guarded, Dragula Season 2 promises to be the most wild and shocking queer series ever to be broadcast.”

2. More guest stars.

The guest stars of Dragula‘s first season included queer celebs ranging from Darren Stein (director of Jawbreaker and G.B.F.) to legendary photographer Magnus Hastings and San Francisco drag icons Peaches Christ and Heklina. For Season 2, expect even more familiar faces.

“I think some of our guest stars are going to surprise the audience,” Dracmorda says, referring to what’s in store this next time around. Adds Swanthula, “For Season 2, the coven grows larger.”

3. Scarier exterminations.

“This is what it’s all about, right — how we plan on torturing these girls?” says Dracmorda. “What diabolical designs do we have in store for those who underperform? Last year was nothing compared to this year’s exterminations.”

Worse than being buried alive and eating brains? We’re a little scared, to be honest.

The cast of Dragula Season 1

4. More death-defying locations.

Season 1 of Dragula saw the Boulet Brothers and their gaggle of spooky queens travel quite a bit, but apparently we can expect even more location shoots during the show’s second season.

“We were able to throw the contestants into the icy waters of the San Francisco Bay, drag them to Death Valley and take them to all sorts of unsavory sets last year,” Swanthula says. “Just imagine where we will be taking them this year.”

5. More rock ‘n’ roll camp.

The Boulet Brothers bear an image that is part-punk rock and part-sexy horror movie villain. Naturally, Dragula‘s first season reflected that vibe. For Season 2, the Boulets are branching out a bit. “If last year was a little on the vampire queen side, this year is all about shock rock ‘n’ roll,” says Swanthula. “Heavy metal and loud, explosive challenges, locations and themes.”

Dracmorda adds, “Also all the campy, theatrical Boulet vignettes are on full-tilt this year. It was one of the things that audiences responded to the most about the first season, so of course we are turning it up with extra style and melodrama to the max.”

More details surrounding the new season of Dragula, including the Season 2 cast, will be revealed closer to the series’ television premiere this fall.


Featured image courtesy of Magnus Hastings

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