Bow Down! Amanda Nunes Becomes UFC’s First Lesbian Champ!

Bow Down! Amanda Nunes Becomes UFC’s First Lesbian Champ!

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This Saturday, 28-year old Amanda “Lioness” Nunes — an openly lesbian mixed martial arts fighter from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil — defeated Miesha “Cupcake” Tate in an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight title bout. Nunes is the only openly LGBT person to ever win a UFC title. Her title was previously held by three other fighters including Ronda Rousey, a fighter who refused to spar with openly transgender UFC fighter Fallon Fox.

The fight details are pretty brutal: Nunes broke Tate’s nose in the first-round of the fight. Tate returned, her nose bleeding freely onto the canvas while Nunes applied a rear choke causing Tate to tap out. The Guardian mentions Nunes showed up to her weigh-in in a shirt with the words “We are all fighters” printed on it; it was apparently part of a fundraiser for the LGBTQ Center of Southern Nevada. Nunes’ girlfriend and trainer was also watching the championship fight from ringside.

You watch Nunes receive the belt and discuss her victory in the video above.

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