boxer bulge
boxer bulge

This Boxer’s Oversized Bulge Intimidated His Opponent During Weigh-In (NSFW)

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On March 4, 2017, boxer David “The White Rhino” Allen fought against David “The Steel City Assassin” Howe in a London match. But before the boxing began, Allen psyched out his opponent at the weigh-in by packing some extra punch into his pouch — BLAM!

Maybe they call Allen “The White Rhino” because of his horn.

Howe was so surprised that he could only smile and playfully grab at it. (We totally would have done the same thing.) Allen’s ploy worked, apparently, because he ended up winning the match in the second round.

We closely watched the match and feel pretty confident that Allen stuffed his undies for the weigh-in. We’d still like to touch to make sure, though … for journalistic reasons.

Here are animated GIFs of Allen’s boxer bulge during the weigh-in, in case you just can’t with the video: