10 Pics That Make Boxing Matches Look Like Gay Weddings

10 Pics That Make Boxing Matches Look Like Gay Weddings

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While hanging out on Reddit, a commenter noticed that “half of boxing match photos look like gay weddings.” And you know what? They’re totally right. In fact, we hunted down 10 photos of boxers facing each other during pre-match press conferences and they all totally look like gay wedding photos.

Boxing is already a super-gay sport. Back in the days of Ancient Greece, boxers fought naked. (Of course, back then, most athletes competed in lots of sport naked because tunics and togas just slow you down). Modern-day boxing matches are rather gay affairs: They involve two shirtless men fighting over a belt and purse (a cash prize, that is).

Apart from the gayness of two sweaty men fighting for fame, the pre-fight press conferences are pretty homoerotic too. The fight promoters repeat the two competitors’ names over and over like they’re the hottest “it” couple, the two fighters often strip down to their underwear (or get completely naked) to weigh in and often the opponents will stand face-to-face gazing deeply into each others eyes.

It’s supposed to be intimidating, but it’s actually unsettling and intimate in a romantic way. At any moment, you expect someone to say, “You may now kiss the groom,” followed by champagne and cake.


Here are 10 boxing match photos that look like gay weddings:

We’re apparently not the only ones who think this entire pre-show courtship is homoerotic. In 2013, a pair of directors known as The Perez Brothers made a short film called “The Weigh In.” In it, two sweaty sluggers kiss after gazing into each others’ eyes. Its worth watching just for the other characters’ reactions.

That same year, comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele released a raunchy and somewhat disturbing comedy sketch in which a boxer threatens to have anal sex with his opponent. The twist? The threatening boxer apparently has a sweet side and really just wants long-term intimacy.

Lastly, it’s important to point out that real-life fighters do sometimes kiss their opponents during the press conference stare-down. And, seeing as that’s basically a form of sexual assault, it doesn’t always go so well.

Take this 2011 video of mixed martial arts fighter Alex Reid kissing Jason Barrett. Barrett freaks out. That’s one way to get into your opponent’s head, we guess, albeit a pretty screwed up one. Reid ended up winning the match.

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