Sweet Buttery Justice: Boy Butter Wins Its Battle Against Comcast

Sweet Buttery Justice: Boy Butter Wins Its Battle Against Comcast

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We were one of the first media outlets to publish the controversy that ensued when Boy Butter’s ad was declined by Comcast for being too gay. After going back and forth with Comcast Spotlight’s public relations department for a few days, we finally have an outcome that deserves celebration.

In a comment exclusive to Unicorn Booty, Boy Butter founder Eyal Feldman writes:

When justice comes and things that once went wrong are suddenly set right again, it’s a wonderful thing to experience. After my recent article regarding the Boy Butter TV ad ban by Comcast in the Chicago market caught fire, it set tongues and fingers wagging globally toward the media behemoth to change it’s stance.

Well, I’m happy to announce that the subsequent press coverage and the rightly directed indignation thrust upon Comcast brought forth those winds of change. Chicagoans themselves will soon see what all the fuss was about when they tune in at 8/7 Central to VH1’s RuPaul’s Drag Race.

After only six days since my article was posted, Comcast graciously reached out to me and we amicably worked out a fair resolution. They released a positive statement regarding the matter, which highlights our budding Comcast/Boy Butter relationship: “We recently connected with the advertiser, and we are working together to revisit their campaign needs based on what is available in the local Chicago market.” If this is not an affirmative outcome, I don’t know what is. It just goes to show you that Boy Butter can fight more types of friction than we ever expected.

Now that my ad will be aired on a cable TV drag queen reality show in Chicago, we were able to turn lemons into lemonade after all. I wanted to send my thanks to all those who amplified our voice and supported Boy Butter in this struggle. We received heartfelt support worldwide from fans of the product, the gay community, members of the press and folks who never heard of my product before but thought we needed to be given a fair shake.

This was a victory for the right thing to do and we are forever grateful that the playing field in the Midwest and the rest of country got a little more equitable through this experience.

We’re still not quite sure what exactly happened, but Comcast is doing whatever they can do to clean up the mess they made. Like Feldman articulates so well with his statement, it’s amazing how strong our voices can be when we shout out together in unison.

Watch the Boy Butter ad that will finally get to see the light of day in Chicago:

Head to boybutter.com for more information on the company and product.

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