Boy Suspended (For Remainder of School Year!) For Wearing Dress To School

Boy Suspended (For Remainder of School Year!) For Wearing Dress To School

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15-year-old Sam Saurs sounds like a pretty amazing guy to us. After hearing how difficult a time his mother was having wearing high heels, he decided to literally walk a day in her shoes to see if he could take it. At some point, he also put on one of her dresses…but hey, back to the shoes.

So how exactly did a mother-son challenge result in Sam being suspended from school for the remainder of the year and having his student privileges, including attending the 9th grade dance, stripped away?

During homeroom, Saurs was called in to dean John Richerson’s office. Richerson told him that he was distracting students and that he should go home for the day. Sours response? He told the dean he thought he was being sexist. Richerson then suspended Sours from school for the rest of the year.

Unable to attend the 9th-grade dance and the school’s annual trip to Wild Waves, Saurs is still disappointed in the school’s reaction.

Sources said that when the school board tried to contact principal Jay Villars to drop the suspension, he refused.

Kurt Wagner, Deputy Superintendent of South Kitsap School District, released a statement that said:

“When responding to issues regarding our students and their families, we always honor confidentiality. However, I can tell you that the matter you have inquired about has been resolved, and there is no further comment.”

After the story made national news, administrators at John Sedgwick Junior High in Port Orchard were shamed into reversing their decision to suspend Sam, but he remains banned from attending the school dance and field trip.

As Sam points out in the video above, he broke no rules, and the school handbook makes absolutely no mention of boys not wearing dresses. Normally, we would argue that Sam was simply trying to express his gender, but that is obviously not the case here. Instead, this story is simply about an empathetic son and a loving mother having a good bit of fun with one another.

Why John Sedgwick Junior High feels the need to punish a student for this is beyond us.

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