Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

We Love This Calendar of Portuguese Athletes Kissing, Swimming and Playing BDSM in Briefs (NSFW)

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun is a sports club based in Lisbon, Portugal, that promotes involvement in sports without any type of prejudice. The group has teams for rugby, volleyball, football, swimming and running and even a group that practices Tango once a week. (Now there’s a sport we could get into!) And as a fundraiser, the group is selling the Boys Just Wanna Have Fun 2018 calendar, and it’s one of the steamiest and most artistic calendars we’ve ever seen, even more than the one featuring dudes dressed up as mermaids and fairies!

Touting the values of inclusion, diversity and equality, the group is raising money to help its athletes attend national and international competitions and to participate in other sports programs when they don’t have the funds.

The group worked with photographer Lisboeta Italiano and says, “His unique perspective, lighting and setting, as well as the patient model direction, have brought us to a final object which exhales Desire.”

Here are some sexy shots from the Boys Just Wanna Have Fun 2018 calendar:

If you want to see some more shots that are even steamier, head here (link NSFW). The calendar also shot some incredibly hot teaser videos, including one that shows a bubble butt in a jockstrap (link NSFW).

Here’s a slew of sexy videos teasing the Boys Just Wanna Have Fun 2018 calendar:

The Boys Just Wanna Have Fun calendar is just one of several sexy calendars that has us excited for 2018. There’s also Mike Ruiz’s fur-filled Heart Throbs and Hounds calendar, the naked jocks in the Dieux du Stade calendar, the Amsterdam rugby calendar featuring men wrestling naked in public, the calendar full of sizzling Australian firefighters, the the Red Hot 2018 calendar filled with naked redheads and one featuring sexy New York City cab drivers.


Head here to purchase the Boys Just Wanna Have Fun 2018 calendar.

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