Sexy Queer Men Strip Down and Makeout to the New Cover Song ‘Boys on Boys’

Sexy Queer Men Strip Down and Makeout to the New Cover Song ‘Boys on Boys’

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A bunch of beautiful queer men are featured in this cover of Galantis and ROZES’ single ‘Girls on Boys’ titled ‘Boys on Boys.’

The video, directed by Jake Wilson and shot by Andrew Keenan-Bolger, was filmed at Nowhere Bar in New York City, a popular gay hangout near the East Village. The clip features an awkward and shy dude entering the bar and acting all stand-offish. Surrounding him are drag queens, leather bears and circuit boys getting down to the vocals provided by Broadway vet Tamika Lawrence.

The original song “Girls on Boys” described as an attempt “to fix a broken heart with a night of flashy distractions, which is only a short-term remedy.”

One of the song’s co-writers went though a break-up and ,when dishing about how he was coping, said he was “mostly keeping busy, hanging out with friends and partying like everything was fine.”


Watch the ‘Boys on Boys’ video right here:

The cover begins:

There were boys on boys. There were queers on queens. Go-gos on the table, it was quite a scene. He was feeling kind of lonely, so he was in luck. There were so many guys there, who were trying to fuck. And it turned into the longest night of his whole damned life, he had the wildest times.

Some of the cute faces from the video belong to Sam DigiovanniJeff Chastain, Johnny Dister, Adam PerryJohnny Sibilly and Scott Bixby, among others.

By the end, the aforementioned awkward guy is no longer shy — he’s shirtless, working up a sweat with a bunch of hungry daddies and the twerking twinks around him.

While the video is super cute, we sort of hate that whenever there’s an “adorkable” dude in a video like this, he always strips down to reveal that he’s ripped as fuck. For once, we”d love to see a video where the nerdy dude has an average body and still gets some sweet loving. #AverageBodiesUnite

The people behind the “Boys on Boys” video are the same minds behind the boy version of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” that went crazy viral earlier this year.

You can watch that one right here:

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