BP Employee Refuses To Call 911 After Gay Man Attacked At Gas Station

BP Employee Refuses To Call 911 After Gay Man Attacked At Gas Station

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Justin Alesna, 23, was called gay slurs and beaten by an angry customer while standing in line to purchase cigarettes at a Detroit BP gas station. The attacker called Alesna a “fucking faggot” and a “fucking homo” for standing too close in line, before flashing a gun, and punching Alesna in the face several times.

When Alesna managed to get his bearings, the clerk said, “Bro, kill it. I don’t have time to be cleaning up this mess.” And when asked to call the police, since a customer was just a victim of a brutal hate crime, the BP employee refused, and kicked Alesna out of the store.

Really, BP? REALLY? I’m sure this will be spun as the homophobia and incompetence of a single employee rather than a company-wide distaste for the gay community. And to be frank, it probably is. Nevertheless, a gay man was beaten in a BP gas station, and was refused help by the BP employee behind the counter.

It’s safe to assume that BP, responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year – the largest ecological disaster on American soil in our nation’s history – wasn’t going to be winning any Company of the Year awards in 2011. But that’s no reason to just throw the freaking towel in and start gunning for the Most Careless Company On Planet Earth just yet.

This is ridiculous. Do you even have any capacity for disappointment in BP left within you at this point? We’re fresh out.

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