Bradley Cooper Discusses ‘Wet, Hot’ Orgasm (In Tube Sox)

Bradley Cooper Discusses ‘Wet, Hot’ Orgasm (In Tube Sox)

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In Wet Hot American Summer] there is a scene in an equipment shack where Cooper has sex with Michael Ian Black.

“I remember saying,” says Cooper, “‘What if we wear tube socks, and I’ll go up on the wall, and you’ll come from behind me.’ And I said in the scene, ‘Say my name,’ and Michael says, ‘Ben!’ And I say, ‘No! Say my Christian name,’ and he whispers, ‘Benjamin,’ and that’s when I came.”

(via Esquire)

On a side note, Wet Hot American Summer is easily one of the best films of all time, and practically every actor EVER is in it. Queue that puppy up on Netflix, y’all.

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