Brandon Myers Dick
Brandon Myers Dick

This British Celeb Claims to Have the Largest Penis on Reality TV

Brandon Myers is a cast member on the British TV show Bromans, which transports modern day ‘bros’ and their girlfriends to Ancient Rome. Truly an award-winning cinematic masterpiece, we know. But his claim to fame is no longer just about the show.

When speaking with The Sun, Myers discussed his nine-and-a-half inch chubby chorizo in detail. He also challenged Love Island‘s Chris Hughes, another British TV star who loves boasting about his own supersized sausage, to a ‘size-off.’ He said “There should be a poll on Twitter. If there was a poll, I would win. He’s quite well-endowed but you can’t compete with a Ghanain genetic willy. You can’t compete.”

Myers then added “We had to do a cock-mould out of Roman pots and you see everything. Little Brandon here does reach the bottom of the pot and it’s a very large pot. Bigger than a pint glass.”

When discussing the name of his eggplant supreme, he noted that his girlfriend Nicola calls it Princess. He also mentioned “the producers called it a Biggus Dickus” and that he would really, “like to give it quite a cool name.”

So if any of you creative horn dogs have a good name for his colossal corn dog, let us know in the comments below or on both our Twitter and his. #NameThatDick

Check out some photos of a very scantily clad Brandon Myers below, and let us know if you think he measures up.

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