In Case You Were Wondering, the ‘Brawny Man’ Is Totally a Lesbian Now

In Case You Were Wondering, the ‘Brawny Man’ Is Totally a Lesbian Now

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The Brawny Man, that classic ultra-manly paper towel mascot, is turning into a woman this month, and she is totally a lesbian.

OK, maybe that’s stereotypical, but come on. The flannel. The flannel.

This isn’t a permanent change. It’s just for women’s history month. The company is running a feminist campaign #StrengthHasNoGender. In addition to the ad campaign, they’re donating $75,000 to Girls Inc.’s Operation SMART, a program that encourages girls to get interested in the sciences.

The mascot, which was made to reflect masculinity and strength, has gotten makeovers before. In 2003, the company switched from this rugged, mustachioed 1970s guy …

… to a clean-shaven Jon Hamm-esque man.

The Brawny mascot should go back to the clean-shaven outdoorsman at the end of the month.

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