Hit Radio Show Interviews a Comedian Who Says He’d Kill Trans Women

Hit Radio Show Interviews a Comedian Who Says He’d Kill Trans Women

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UPDATE: Janet Mock has responded, while Lil’ Duval continues to double down.

Transgender activist Janet Mock has a new book, Surpassing Certainty. The book is a memoir about Mock’s life in her twenties. To promote the book, she went on Tuesday’s episode of the popular radio show The Breakfast Club, on New York’s Power 105.1.

The original interview went well — it was a serious conversation, and Mock was treated respectfully. Generally, nothing really out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, though, the hosts hadn’t really learned all that much about the trans community. A few days later, they had Lil’ Duval as a guest and he wanted to talk about the Mock interview.

In the first clip, Duval uses a slur to refer to trans people. Co-host Angela Lee laughingly says “you can’t say that anymore,” so Duval “corrects” himself by saying “transgenders.” (“Transgender” is not a noun; someone can be transgender, but they are not a transgender.)

Duval then says, about meeting a trans woman “that ain’t a girl, that means I met a boy.” When the hosts joke that Duval was having sex with her, he denied it. When the hosts offered a hypothetical where Duval was sleeping with this woman for four months, after which she came out as trans, Duval replied with “this might sound messed up, and I don’t care, she dyin’.”

In 2017 alone, fifteen trans women have been murdered. The “trans panic” defense — where a murderer claims they had felt deceived by a person’s gender identity — is an valid defense in 48 states.

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To the hosts’ credit, they shut down Duval at this point. But Duval doesn’t take the hint and continues. “I can’t do that… You manipulated me to believe in this thing. My mind…. I’m gay now.”

Sadly, though, while drawing the line at publicly saying you’d kill a trans woman on air, the hosts end up egging Duval on at this point. Duval says, “I said, if one did that to me”, and co-host Charlamagne tha God clarifies “if you had sex with one and they didn’t reveal they was one.” Duval continues “I’m gonna be so mad, I probably gonna want to kill him.”

Angela Yee again objects, “Well, all right, let’s not even ask him that, because until it happens, he don’t know what he might do.”

At this point, co-host DJ Envy puts up the hardcover of Janet Mock’s book, providing Duval an opportunity to misgender her to laughs.

Strangely enough, the segment immediately before the transphobic segment is about Usher’s herpes scandal — which ends in a homophobic riff, where Charlamagne jokes about herpes “outbreaks in [a hypothetical male sexual partner of Usher’s] butthole.”

The full interview with Lil Duval is here. The transphobic comments start at 6:28.

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