This NYPD Officer Claims His Booty Shorts Caused Him to Test Positive for Meth

This NYPD Officer Claims His Booty Shorts Caused Him to Test Positive for Meth

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An NYPD officer known for his love of shorts has been fired for methamphetamine, the New York Daily News reports. Nicknamed “Legs” (lol), Officer Brian Quire was terminated from his position on February 16. Quire was both demoted and charged by Police Commissioner James O’Neill following the positive test results.

But Quire’s lawyer said the respected 12-year veteran’s love for wearing shorts as a member of the Manhattan warrant squad is what got him in trouble.

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Hair from Officer Brian Quire’s legs were examined for substances during a random drug testing last year. Quire’s lawyer is now arguing that the test, which came up positive, can not differentiate between accidental exposure and purposeful usage.

“A hair test can effectively determine whether or not the hair has been exposed to a drug but it cannot determine whether or not that exposure came from contact with the drug or from internal ingestion,” said Quire’s attorney, Yetta Kurland. “We absolutely want to make sure we don’t have police officers who are using drugs, but we equally want to make sure we use proper testing so we don’t destroy the careers of good police officers, like Detective Quire.”

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The NYPD, which began using this specific hair test around 20 years ago, has claimed this form of inspection is both more reliable and cost-effective than urine tests.

In court, Quire’s colleagues have testified that he had never acted like he was under the influence of any drugs.

In an unrelated case, a Bronx detective commander was suspended for testing positive for steroids. Lt. Kurt Lewis claims he, too, is the victim of a false positive, according to a source close to him.

Lewis works out, the source said, and uses a protein powder that led to the failed drug test. “These powders, workout shakes, are legal,” the source said. “But they can lead to false positives. We have to see the results from the department and send them to a private lab.”

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