Britain’s Got Talent(ed Topless Britney Impersonators) [NSFW]

Britain’s Got Talent(ed Topless Britney Impersonators) [NSFW]

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Britney Spears impersonator Lorna Bliss takes her work very seriously. 10 years worth of seriously. So seriously that when Britney had her epic meltdown, Bliss shaved her own head in solidarity.

She’s also had dental work and facials (is this British code for plastic surgery?) to mirror Spears’ look. Bliss even claims to lose and gain weight in unison with the pop star.

That level of commitment is pretty intense. Which kind of leaves us scratching our heads wondering…why not also take some time to learn Britney’s moves?

Here she is in all her glory, folks. Miss Lornaaaaa Bliiiiisss!

Girl, those things look toxic. Cover up.

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