British People Fake 100 Million Orgasms Each Week, According to a New Study

British People Fake 100 Million Orgasms Each Week, According to a New Study

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A bleak new study found that British people are collectively faking 100 million orgasms every week. That’s a lot of fake orgasms!

The study, commissioned by condom brand Durex, found that one in ten British women fake orgasm at least once a week.

Vice writes:

Reasons included boredom (christ), taking too long (fair) or feeling bad for a partner (never). Researchers discovered that two in three women fail to climax during every sex session, and a similar proportion regularly give up trying. It’s also worse if you’re single or in a married couple, with the study finding that people in each group are less likely to orgasm than those in a civil partnership.

Still, men do fake orgasms sometimes. Another survey of 230 North American men found that 30% of them had faked it (though, evidently, it’s not a typical occurrence). Men tended to fake orgasm in order to conceal delayed or premature ejaculation or to make their partners feel better.

A previous study by Chapman University scientists found that heterosexual men have the most orgasms, followed by gay men, then bi men. Women trail behind men, but out of the fairer sex, lesbians fare the best in terms of orgasms, followed by bi women. Straight women have the lowest rate of orgasm per sexual encounter.

Plus, people are having less sex these days, possibly due to stress, overwork, lack of free time and economic uncertainty.

Elisabeth Lloyd, a biology professor at Indiana University, suggested to the Guardian that couples should be more considerate and communicative in order to close the orgasm gap. Cosmopolitan, on the other hand, suggests putting a scrunchie hair tie on your boyfriend’s dick.

Ellen DeGeneres quietly suggested a way to solve the orgasm gap on her show last month: lesbianism. Maybe the solution is to turn Great Britain into Gay Britain.


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