Britney and Christina Reunite On Twitter

Britney and Christina Reunite On Twitter

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Sun filtered down through the heavens, a chorus of angels broke into song, and a triple rainbow stretched across LA today in response to Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears tweeting one another.

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And suddenly I’m 16 again eating the Pizza Hut Big New Yorker in Michael Alberici’s basement hoping his parents don’t hear us making out in between fits of passionate Britney vs. Christina debate.

Sure, Britney had a good year or two as the most famous person in the entire world, but there was that whole head-shaving period, plus the being carried out of her home tied to a stretcher for psychological evaluation that nobody seems to talk much about anymore. Christina scooped up a buttload of Grammys over the years, and her vagina managed to elude photographers, but who on earth forgets the words to the Star Spangled Banner?

Let’s call it a draw, Alberici.

In any case, its good to see the girls getting on with one another.

Oh, and I found this Photoshop marvel while writing this article. Enjoy.

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Are you happy to see B and C make nice?

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