Britney Fans ‘Go Lesbian’ for Her in San Francisco!

Britney Fans ‘Go Lesbian’ for Her in San Francisco!

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You might have heard that Britney followed up her Vegas performance with a not-so-surprise performance in San Francisco yesterday. Well, she was supposed to have performed right in front of the Castro theater, but nasty weather had the producers pull the plug at the last minute. So what was supposed to be an epic homo experience, where Britney re-engages her gay fans to combat the fact that she is just not as young as she once was (I mean, Gaga is only 24!), turned into just another concert inside. Or did it?

The video has been kept under tight wraps, but here’s a little taste:

Gay blog: Britney's fans5,000 fans camped out overnight for the free concert, ensuring that only the most hardcore Britney lovers were in the crowd. Which was pretty clear when the fans sung louder than Britney did! The enthusiastic fans certainly made up for the atmospherical loss of not performing in front of a San Francisco gay landmark, as the crowd went wild during her 3-song set.

Britney looks good, and we are happy to see her finally up and dancing again. She looks fit and ready to rumble. We’re looking forward to seeing the official video tomorrow, as well as hearing the full album.  We cringed when we heard that she was calling it Femme Fatale – cheesy, derivative and unimaginative – but we were relieved when Miss Britney actually decided to get serious about performing again. Dance, girl, dance!

MTV News found some amped up fans: “So I totally loved how her bustier was lit up,” Corina Andrati said. “I’m so blessed to be here, and it’s all about San Francisco.”

Some fans claimed that she was as good as she was when she blew up as a star nearly a decade ago: “It was amazing. It was so hot! We live here in the city, and she was sexier than ever and I’d go lesbian for her. She really blew it up.”

She did a quick tour of the Castro after the show, but was chased by fans the entire time. Eventually, she tweeted: “Leaving the Castro District. I wanted to see more but I could barely get out the car!!!”

If Britney is so hot that fans are willing to “go lesbian” for her, then she’s clearly doing something right! Look for the performance on Good Morning America tomorrow.

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