A Britney Spears Concert Has Caused Israel to Postpone an Election

A Britney Spears Concert Has Caused Israel to Postpone an Election

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Britney Spears is massively popular. As of today, she has nearly 40 million Facebook fans, 51.9 million Twitter followers and 15.8 million Instagram followers. Her tours have broken attendance records throughout North America and when her concerts roll into town, they cause traffic jams, fans swarm the airports and, in the case of Israel, national political parties postpone their elections.

Israel’s Labor Party had scheduled their election for a new party chairperson on July 3, but because Spears has a concert scheduled at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv on that exact same day. party officials worried that traffic jams from her concert would prevent folks from getting to the polls. So they rescheduled their election for July 4 instead. Witness the power of a Britney Spears concert.

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A Labor Party spokesperson reportedly told The Times of Israel that the new election date will make it easier for people to reach polling stations. The party also apparently had difficulty recruiting security guards, presumably because all the security guards were either working for or attending Spears’ concert.

Everyone knows that Spears hires extra security guards for her performance. In fact, here are several very sexy female guards working as backup dancers for “Womanizer” during her 2009 Circus tour in Toronto:

How can the guards possibly ensure safe and fair elections when they’re busy wearing ultra-tight uniforms and turning out vampy moves onstage? They can’t, that’s how.

To give you an idea of just how big a deal this postponed election is, the U.S. Democratic Party elected its new party chairperson, Tom Perez, this last February. After a huge Election Night defeat in November 2016, the chairperson election was considered a big deal amongst the country’s liberal and progressive Democrat party members.

Now imagine if that election was postponed because Spears had to perform “If You Seek Amy” to a stadium full of screeching teens, she-fans and gay men. That’s how powerful this woman is. The eight people running for the Labor Party’s chairperson don’t matter because they all just lost to Britney Spears.

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