This Week’s Must-Haves: A Britney Tee, Nasty Pig Gear & High-Tech High-Tops

This Week’s Must-Haves: A Britney Tee, Nasty Pig Gear & High-Tech High-Tops

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Whether you’re proudly wearing Britney Spears’ image or sporting the latest Neo Moto gear from Nasty Pig, this week’s must-haves will sex you up. Add in the newest gadgets and you’ll be the envy of your tech-obsessed squad. From $12.99 to $2K, here are this week’s must-haves.

1. Lobster Elite Three Tennis Ball Machine

The US Open is in full swing. Nadal, Federer and Venus Williams are competing this week. Do you want to serve, smash or volley like a pro? With this tennis ball machine from Lobster Sports, you can practice your moves in style.

This new Lobster series offers a two-line oscillation feature with variable depth. It also has two versatile pre-programmed options for narrow and wide forehand and backhand. The device truly simulates professional play — so a few practices with should make you a real tennis pro. Surely that’s worth a cool $1,700.


2. Target’s Britney Spears Tee

It’s Britney, bitch. You cherish every album released by Ms. Spears since day one. You’ve seen her live and danced around the room in your underwear to her hits countless times. Thanks to Target, you can now wear Britney with pride.

Target, one of the leading LGBTQ-friendly retailers, is selling a Britney Spears T-shirt in men’s sizes. Yas, queens, you heard correctly. Target just released this tee featuring the photo from Spears’ 2001 album, Britney. Target previously only sold men’s shirts for male artists and rock bands — but they’ve now expanded their collection. Now you don’t have shop in the women’s section to score a Britney tee. You can own a piece of Britney, for $12.99.


3. Botanist Watch by Analog

A snazzy watch really completes your look. And there are many styles to choose from. Might we recommend the new design by Analog? The Philadelphia-based watch company created a collection incorporating real plant and flower materials. The flowers are encased in hand-poured resin — and the look is uniquely beautiful.

Lorenzo Buffa, Analog’s founder and lead designer, created a bespoke timepiece collection focusing on “natural material, clean lines, design innovation and the use of nature in its purest form.” That led to these wearable art pieces with six different body colors.

The watches also comes with your choice of three different watchbands (grain, leather or vegan). This water-resistant watch also features a chronograph dial. Check out Analog’s Kickstarter campaign and reserve your watch today.


4. The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead”

Do you miss the time when Morrissey was known as the frontman for The Smiths rather than an obnoxious jerk? Remember the ’80s with one of the most influential British alternative rock bands of the ’80s. The Smiths’ seminal album, The Queen is Dead is getting reissued on October 20th — and is available for preorder now.

This three CD/five LP box set includes a remastered version of the original LP — with hits like “The Boy With the Thorn in His Side” and “Bigmouth Strikes Again.” The album comes packed alongside a disc of demos and B-sides and a DVD with Derek Jarman’s film The Queen Is Dead. The collection’s rounded out with a previously-unreleased live album. Live in Boston captures the band’s concert at the Great Woods Center For The Performing Arts on August 5, 1986.

For up-to-date news on this reissue set, check out The Smiths’ official website.


5. OjO Commuter Scooter for Adults

This compact scooter is the perfect solution for effortless commuting in the city. This eco-friendly electric scooter can go up to 20 miles per hour. Its patented geometric design allows optimal comfort, plus it comes with an exclusive non-glare interactive display screen. This scooter has an onboard charger with retractable cord and plug — and can go up to 25 miles on a single charge.

Since it’s a scooter, you won’t need a license, and it’s acceptable in bike lanes. There’s seven different styles, from the classic black to funky street art prints, so your scooter can reflect your personality. For about $2K, you can quickly navigate your city.


6. Neo Moto Collection from Nasty Pig

The Folsom Street Fair is just around the corner. Nasty Pig, our favorite fetish apparel store, launched its Neo Moto line with five stylish items for the occasion. Inspired by racing attire and infused with Nasty Pig’s signature neoprene material, this collection is sexy, confident and skin-tight.

From racing jackets to trunks, the neoprene fabric is soft, comfortable and  breathable. If you can get just one item, our pick is the Neo Moto pants. This jodhpur-influenced racing pants are edgy. It pairs perfectly with the matching racing jacket or your favorite harness. This machine-washable piece is perfect for the street, the club and for parties. The pants cost $149.


7. Acne Studios High-Top Sneakers

The normcore trend is in full swing this fall/winter season. Designers from Balenciaga to Gucci all have sent retro-inspired sneakers down the runway as part of the new fashion uniform. The sneakers incorporate design elements of everyday running shoes into high-end sneakers — with a twist. As a result, ugly sneakers are the all the rage for trendsetters.

This stylish high-top sneaker from Acne Studios combines fashion and functionality with its thick rubber sole. The sneakers come in lilac and beige .. For a cool $590, you’ll be stylin’ with one of the coolest trends this season.

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