15 Sexy Gladiator Pics From ‘Bromans’, the Ancient Roman Reality TV Show

15 Sexy Gladiator Pics From ‘Bromans’, the Ancient Roman Reality TV Show

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This month, the U.K. channel ITV2 will air Bromans, a sort of Love Island meets Survivor historical reality show competition in which eight modern-day different-sex couples live and fight like the Roman gladiators did 2,000 years ago…. sort of.

The men will wear skimpy gladiator gear and complete difficult physical tasks as they train to fight in a coliseum of braying spectators in the Emperor’s Games, an event which takes place at the season’s grand finale. The winner will get 10,000 British Pounds (approximately $13,200). Those who fail will get banished from the city.

The women will reportedly help train the male gladiators with the help of a fearsome trainer known as “Doctore.” Slinking about will be the Emperor’s Assistant, a figure who serves in part as the Emperor’s eyes and ears.

While living in a recreation of ancient Rome, the couples will wear sandals, leather loin cloths, gold lamé pants (you know, like they did back in ancient Rome) and share living space in a Roman palace.

When they’re not helping the men train, the women will participate in manual labor like sculpting and wine-making.

Let’s be clear: The show sounds like sexist trash. However, it does feature studly male competitors, so we’ll just focus on them after \ this video and a little more commentary.


Here’s a video of the Bromans couples discussing the show:


Here are pics of the Bromans:


Bromans can’t come close to the grisly real-life gladiators

If you really want to see male gladiators get naked and get grabby with one another , we suggest Spartacus on Starz.

TV critic Chris Taylor noted that the mens’ experience won’t really be anything like the real-life ancient Roman gladiators:

[Being a gladiator was] a sickeningly gruesome profession with an exceedingly high body count. Most gladiators were slaves, though a few volunteered. They wouldn’t just fight each other, but also condemned criminals with nothing to lose and animals that had been starved to make them extra aggressive. Over a 123-day marathon session in the early second century, the Emperor Trajan famously pitted 10,000 gladiators against 11,000 animals. 

Season One will have eight episodes.

Bromans premieres on Tuesday, September 14 at 9 p.m. on ITV2

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