A Homophobic Bronx Superintendent Stabbed a Man in the Eye for Defending His Gay Stepson

A Homophobic Bronx Superintendent Stabbed a Man in the Eye for Defending His Gay Stepson

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According to the New York Daily News, a homophobic 35-year-old Bronx building superintendent named Jose Adorno stabbed a stepfather named Ronald Griffin in eye during after Griffin confronted him for directing anti-gay slurs at his stepson, Joey Brown. Adorno had allegedly harassed Brown with anti-gay slurs for months before being confronted by Griffin. Despite the attack being caught on tape, Adorno still oversees the building.


Details of the fight with the Bronx superintendent

Brown says that Adorno’s homophobic abuse began in August 2016. Adorno allegedly told Brown, “You fucking faggot, I hope you fucking die of AIDS.”

“He’s a racist, ignorant — don’t care about anybody but himself,” Brown said. “He’s always gay-bashing people.”

On the night of Monday, Jan. 2, 2017, Griffin approached Adorno and said, “You purposely go out and pursue him, you call him a faggot, a homosexual. You’ve been in three physical altercations with him. Why do you specifically go after him? You’re on the down low. On the down low, you probably want my son to fuck you.”

Griffin had removed his hat and glasses before speaking to Adorno. Incensed by his comments, Adorno pulled a knife from his pocket and began swiping at Griffin. Adorno stabbed Griffin in the eye, rendering him blind in his right eye and fracturing the surrounding bone.

“I felt a sharp pinch,” Griffin said. “I didn’t know what it was, I guess because of the adrenaline and everything.”

A surveillance camera captured the fight. The feature image above is from the footage of the fight. You can view more footage at the New York Daily News.

A court image of Griffin after being stabbed in the eye by Adorno


Lawsuit filed against the company that hired the Bronx superintendent

Although the attack in question occurred earlier this year, Brown and Griffin recently filed a suit against the building management company and landlord for allegedly doing nothing in response to reports of Adorno’s homophobic abuse. They also allege that a security guard sitting in the building’s lobby witnessed the fight but did nothing to respond. The security company has denied any wrongdoing.

After the attack, Adorno pled guilty to third-degree assault and served 60 days in jail. However, he has resumed working as the building’s superintendent.

“He still works the building! It makes me feel uncomfortable,” Brown said. “I kind of fear for my life. This is a man who not just tried to hurt me but tried to take out my father.”

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