After a Brutal Homophobic Assault in Milan, One of the Victims Speaks

After a Brutal Homophobic Assault in Milan, One of the Victims Speaks

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During the night between Saturday and Sunday, Michele and Marcello went home after spending a night at the club Karma Borgo del Tempo Perso in Milan, Italy, when they found themselves surrounded by eight men. After this brutal homophobic assault, the news site asked Michele what happened:

“It was 3:45 am and we got to the car after spending the night at the club.” Eight Italian men arrived and one of them said, “You came out of this place.” I just had time to say, “Maybe you are wrong, we don’t know you” and one of them punched my face so hard I fainted and fell. When I woke up, they had already disappeared, I did not see the aggression of Marcello. “

The young man explained that a friend, who managed to lock himself in the car, witnessed the scene. According to him, they threw Marcello to the ground, punched and kicked him, and broke a bottle on his face. All this happened in a parking lot about 500 meters from the club.

The police arrived as well as an ambulance—Marcello had to undergo surgery because of a fracture.

The Milanese association Arcigay demands that this brutal, homophobic assault is fully investigated.

Michele concluded by saying that he hoped the men would be arrested and that justice would follow.

We wish them both a speedy recovery.

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