Bryan Hawn Releases a Hot Trailer for His Bubble Butt Workout Video

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Bryan Hawn just released a taste of his new workout video that will definitely make you want a perfect ass –in the gym or in your bed.

Bryan Hawn

Known for his gorgeous and bountiful bubble butt, Hawn is offering up some workout secrets to his viewers. For a price, of course.

“Bryan Hawn will demonstrate and coach you through the TOP 5 Exercises for a Perfect Ass. Addressing size, shape, lift, smoothing crease lines, and most importantly how to create that Bubble Butt.”

The entire workout video costs 100 bucks. People aren’t going to be actually buying the video for the workout tips, right? For free, you can watch his one-minute trailer that gives you plenty of reasons to fork over the dough for the whole thing.

Watch Bryan Hawn’s sexy one-minute trailer below:

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